Dear Owner, is geared towards provide simple and seamless property management for all owners we work with. We strive to be among the strongest, most reliable property management companies in the Florentine market through constant innovation, impeccable attention to detail, and the personal touch of one-on-one dealings. is in business to cater to the needs of both the customers visiting Florence and the owners looking to make the best possible use of their properties. can create ease and simplicity for property owners looking to enter the busy and stressful world of property rental. Some clear advantages to take into account when considering your needs in a property management company:
• works based on a hands-off formula for all owners we work with. By handling every detail from initially inquiries to unit inspection upon check-out we eliminate the stress of dealing with all day to day details. Our focus is on creating a stress-free environment for all our owners, while earning them the same financial compensation for their properties. prides itself on the total management of each and every property down the last detail (administration, including maintenance, cleaning services, repairs, customer hospitality, etc, etc).
• We offer flexible contracts to meet the changing needs of one owner to another, including varying durations and specifications personalized to fit each individual property owner. Although our primary focus is on targeting business from tourists and those looking for private, personal accommodations in Florence, we realize that it is also extremely important that our owners have the ability to use their properties as well! will do their best to cater to owners and their needs as well as those of our customers. We will make every effort to allow unit owners to use one's own rental property whenever desired, (given its availability for that time frame).
• When requested will organize and coordinate the furnishing, decorating/ redecorating, and/ or renovations of unfurnished rental properties, pursuant to the owner's approval as well.
• takes great pride in their great relationships with each and every owner they work with. We value all property owners we work with tremendously and believe that complete transparency concerning the administration, rental costs, earnings and extraordinary expenses of each rental unit is crucial to maintaining strong working relationships.
• In addition to the day-to-day details also manages the financial aspects of each rental unit entirely, including booking fee’s, deposits, monthly rental payments, etc, etc. We are more than willing to develop payment plans specific to the owner we are working with however our standard practice is to provide property owners with monthly payments. Additionally for those owners who desire is also happy to offer utilities management.
Ultimately strives to be as hands-on as possible when it comes to customer interactions, property maintenance and property-owner relations. Our Agent/ Representative Team making on-site visits for every check-in (and check-out) allows up to keep a very close eye on each rental property managed, as well as keep in close contact with all customers to ensure their satisfaction.

For more information, or to speak to a local representative for a free evaluation; email today!

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